Useful links

This page lists a series of links that I found, researched and surfed during my professional life. The links lead to sites that I believe to be particularly useful and resourceful.
System Dynamics tools

Vensim is a software used for constructing models of business, scientific, environmental, and social systems.The link lead to the download page where it is possible to download a free working version (for educational and personal use) of the aplication.

Writing tecniques 

If you are editor, if you write texts for the web, if your work is also done writing, there are articles, links and lots of practical advice for writing and communicate better.

One of the best online dictionary (Italian, Spanish English). Verb conjugators and a quantity of other useful tools

An incredible collection of English idioms and common phrases. Once you get rid off Google advertising and crap user interface you will discover a nice and useful world of translating tools.