Simulation behaviours

The objective to modelize complex systems (or even non complex!) is to test different options and scenarios and verify the results along the timeline in order to take the better business decisions.

The process to simulate is built into three phases
  1. Define the model map wich should reflect a process, or a sum (a workflow) of processes, with all the actor involved. The process must include also constant and variables that have influence on the process itself
  2. Define a model graphical rappresentation, wich is usually done with tools offerd by the modelize software used
  3. Gather input costant data

There are several tecniques to simulate processes, the one I have studied and used is the so called "system dynamics".

There are several software simulators to apply system dynamics tecniques. Some of them are free of charge, and are listed in the "Useful Links" page.

Once done, play the simulation software using different variables value and watch the results

Dynamic stock and flow diagram of model New product adoption
(model from article by John Sterman 2001)