To increase business efficiency and to get better overall results, a good knowledge of company processes and operational workflow is required.

A good and modern way to acquire such a knowledge is to map processes and workflows using techniques such “ Business Process Modelling ” or BPM.

Aim of BPM is not only to map the existing situation of any type of company or organisation, public or private or third sector, but also to help managers to efficiently design a renewed organisation.

Analysis and modelling fields include many aspects of management, such as business, people, organisation, earnings, projects, etc., and can be conducted  on the whole organisation, or on specific areas.

The "active cycle", and particularly sales processes and data analysis, is the area where I have more experience.

During my working experiences I have used methods like “Simulation”, “As Is – To Be Analysis”, Change Management”. And, of course all the related IT programs and application.

More widely I have dealt with techniques to help companies and organisation to be more effective in their own business never forgetting that business is the driver of change management, and ICT issues usually support and follow such changes.

Other techniques I have dealt with, includes PEST and SWOT Analysis, KPI, Balanced Scorecard.